Try Something New

Out of all the great things listed in this pic, I like #11 the most. Trying something different was foremost in our minds when we wrote books 2 and 3. We wanted to make certain that they were good in and of themselves, not just because they came after Full Moon Rising.

I dislike talking badly about other authors (except one particular hack, but I’ll refrain from mentioning her name), but there are times when I notice that a good writer falls into a pattern. Then you get 7 books into the series and suddenly you know what is going to happen several chapters before it happens. That’s always been kind of a let down to me. I like to be surprised and say “Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” every once in a while.

One of our ‘beta readers’ (as I like to call them) gave us a very touching compliment without even realizing it. This man has an entire 8×8 wall that is used as bookshelves and they are filled with different books. He prefers fantasy, which is why we said yes when he offered to beta read our novels.

Throughout his read of Book 3 he has told us that we keep surprising him. He’ll say things like, “I never expected her to do that!”, when he would talk about something the female lead did.

He has read so many different fantasy novels and yet ours manages to surprise him. When he says things like that we can’t help but smile.


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