Two Minds of Summer and Winter

I have always had a love/hate relationship with summer and winter. Whereas I am glad as hell winter is done, I always dread the summer as it takes away time from writing. There’s all this outside home improvement projects that need to be done, gardening, and of course the dreadful mowing of the lawn. Thankfully the mowing will one day not be an issue as my husband and I are trying to go to a low maintenance and low water yard. For one, my back can no longer handle most of the yard work. Secondly, we can’t afford to water our lawn all the time for the “green grass” look as we live in a semi-desert. Thirdly, we want the ability to enjoy the summers and use that time writing outside as the winter rarely lets us be outside. And fourth, we want to be able to sell our house one day and move. The yard was in such disrepair when we bought the house, we considered not doing so. We don’t want that to happen to us with a potential buyer so we are landscaping and making what we hope others will love too.

Whereas, I love the summer and the wonderful weather it brings since the Wyoming winter can be and most of the time is harsh with hard winds of constant 40 mph or higher (there are very, very few days the wind doesn’t blow here during the winter) and gusts reaching over 75 mph, I dread the time it takes away from my writing. Instead of writing the wonderful ideas my brain concocts, we have to mow the lawn, water the garden (granted that doesn’t take too long) and the other various home improvements we can only do when it’s summer. I know this sounds like I’m whining about a great time of year and I am. I admit that. It is just frustrating when we have a novel we want to publish at the end of August and all of these things have to be done. I guess that’s the reason the days are longer during the summer! We have to fit so much more into our schedules. One of these days, our house will be just the way we like it and our yard will be low maintenance, so my husband and I can sit on our future patio, sipping tea, writing, and enjoying the awesome weather!

I think it’s funny how much I use to hate summer just because of the high temperatures. Now it’s one of the main reasons I love it. After my back was injured and I developed arthritis in it, I have come to love the heat and dread the winter temperatures, but love the fact that with winter, we have more time to write while the wind is howling outside and blowing snow at the house. I have always found it funny to have such conflicting views of summer and winter.

As we have come to discover my love of warmth, we have decided to move south, but haven’t quite figured out where, hence the updating of the house to the way we want it. It might be a few years. Any help would be appreciated! I know moving south will mean more yard work, but my overall health would be better and as I’ve stated, I do find the time to make up on the lack of writing during the warmer months here! It just means I don’t sleep as much!

Have a great day and try not to worry about things you cannot change.

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