Professional Writer…

There are always opportunities out there to quit. There is always an easy out. It would be very easy to look at the fiftieth rejection letter and say, “Well, I guess I just don’t have what it takes.” Or let yourself get stuck with a difficult area of the plot (writing yourself into a corner) and throw in the towel.

People think it’s easy for writers to come up with ideas and sometimes it is. They think it’s easy for writers to know where a story is going as soon as they type out the first sentence. Again, sometimes it is.

The truth of it is that only sometimes it comes easy. The first draft of The Curse was finished in less than six months. Other times, it feels like you are trying to push a cart with square tires, loaded with a ton of iron up a steep hill. And then when you get to the top, they tell you it’s the wrong hill and you have to start all over.

Persistence pays off. The end result is always worth the battle to get there. Never give up. Never surrender. And never quit.

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