Surprise Memorial Day Prologue Post

I know that there hasn’t been any mention anywhere of putting up the prologue for Book 3: Prophecy’s End in the Trilogy of the Wolf, but we wanted to share it as it is only three months before book 3 will be complete and up on Amazon. We are so excited about the book and the ability to share it with others! It has been a joy writing it and even editing it, though editing has never been a chore for me. I view editing as a chance to improve scenes and characters. Please enjoy the prologue below:

Nonn-Ahs couldn’t quite place the reason she was standing on the grassy hill. Generally, she hated nature. Nature was too unpredictable. Today, it felt right to be precisely where she was. On impulse, she held her hands in front of her face and admired them with a twisted smile. Her skin was back to being smooth, alabaster, and flawless. Although she had enjoyed the freedom to go wherever she wanted, to say whatever she pleased in her disguise of being an old, crazy woman, it was a wonderful feeling to be herself again.

The long, copper hair resting at the middle of her back moved slightly in the gentle breeze that was caressing her, gently pushing at her. Several hundred miles behind her to the southeast, she could feel a dark power growing. It was a power she had anticipated that made her manipulate the lesser beings she encountered. Things had to happen a certain way. Although she knew very little about the southern portion of the continent, she knew enough to start making plans. This time, she smirked. She wanted to start with something dramatic; something like that of a death. Yes, a death would do.

The smile that had danced across her lips died quickly. Her eyes looked to the north again with concern. There was an interruption brewing. Nonn-Ahs was not dumb. She knew precisely what was going to get in her way. Her efforts to stop their union had been for nothing. It appeared the Pale Lady had finally beat her, but at least it had only been a small victory. This wasn’t the first time Nonn-Ahs and the Pale Lady had played this game. Nonn-Ahs just had to make sure her next move was stronger. She was so very tired of playing. She played to win.

As an idea formed, the twisted smile came back. The elves would be a fine place to start. They had almost managed to end all of this before it even began. She’d had such high hopes as she had watched Dalandit and Draikin. The stupid elf had become too overconfident. Arrogant, just as most elves were. She should have known they couldn’t do it on their own. This time, with some help from her and some gentle nudging, she was certain she could get the result she wanted.

She cackled suddenly, throwing back her hair and making her long copper hair shimmer with movement. Her eyes rested to the north again. Seriously. Contemplating.

“Enjoy life while you can, little ones. My Chosen will destroy you.”

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