Creating New Worlds

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing for my husband and I is the fact we get to create new worlds. If we want them to be a dark world than so be it. If they are meant to be a combination of dark and good, like the world we live in, we can do that too. We love being able to do what we want and make things happen the way we feel things should happen. How often in everyday life do we actually get exactly what we want? It isn’t often and when we do, it makes those things easier to cherish and look back at with a small smile. It is how we feel about all of the worlds and people in those worlds we have created. We look back at it and smile, even if it was written a decade ago and the writing wasn’t all that great. It was still something we created. The writing can always be changed.

The creation process has always been one of the big things that drive both my husband and I. We love creating things, imagining what life would be like in the world we are developing. We pour ourselves into the worlds just as much as we do our writing. I think we will always enjoy this part of writing. It has never felt like a chore. Admittedly, sometimes writing does when we’re in a part that we’re not quite certain how we want it to go. We struggle through it, but by the end of it we are generally pleased with how it turned out.

I strongly feel that our novels are driven by the worlds we create. It is how the people we create react based on what the world is like. It’s always an amazing feeling when you look back on something you’ve done or created and think I did that. I hope everyone gets to have that feeling at least once or twice in their life times.


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