The milestones we reach while writing probably seem trivial to people who don’t write. ‘Yay! We finished the first chapter!’ or ‘Yay! We finished the first re-write!’

But it helps us, as writers, to have small goals and to celebrate the small achievements. It helps us feel like we are getting somewhere.

So, here we are, celebrating another ‘small’ achievement. For us, this means we are just that much closer to finishing and that much closer to being able to share this final book in the Trilogy of the Wolf with everyone.

Yay! Today we hit the 70,000 word mark! We are well beyond the so-called ‘minimum’ word count for what makes a novel and we still have a bit more to go. Book Three has thrown us some interesting curves, but we have fallen madly and deeply in love with what it has become.

As a side note and a bit of a tease, this Saturday, 4-25-15, we will be revealing the title for Book Three! We hope you all like it as much as we do!


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