Need Something New to Write? Try a Prompt Generator!

I was at a loss for words today for the 3rd book of series we are writing (hint not the Trilogy of the Wolf, but a brand new series) and was so frustrated that I couldn’t write a single word that I thought why not? So, I got onto Google and typed in prompt generator and came across a pretty amazing site. It is called Seventh Sanctum. Here is the web address if anyone is interested:

Anyway, after the first couple of clicks of the button ‘Generate More Prompts’ I found one that sort of interested me. It resulted in a short story that I never expected but I went with it. Normally, I don’t write these kinds of stories or let alone first person, so it came a shock when I had written the first two pages fairly quick. I decided to keep these “prompt writings” to short stories so that they are what I intended them to be of working that writing muscle, getting the juices flowing. 🙂

As a result, I would like to share that story here so that others can witness what can come of these, and, hopefully, use as I did; a way to get past the writer’s blah as I call it. Where you know where the story is going, but you just don’t want to work on it. Here is the story below. Depending on how things go in the future, we might be posting more of them here. I hope you enjoy.

Anthony was the love of my life and the fire of my loins, or that’s, at least, what they thought. My parents had no idea that I was leading a double life. If they found out about it, I would never live it down. It wasn’t the kind of double life they would approve of; if they would ever approve of anything I did.

Whereas, yes, at one time Anthony and I had been intimate, that relationship had burned out over two years ago. Yet, I still brought him over for family dinners and holidays. My parents really liked him. Maybe that was why I broke off the relationship in the first place. If my parents liked him, how could I like him? I barely liked my parents.

I shook my head, dismissing my negative natured parents. Now wasn’t the time to think about them. All I needed to do was focus.

Looking down the scope of a rifle, I took in a deep breath and readied myself to pull the trigger. The man on the other side of the scope was cute, but my employer wanted him dead. When they wanted someone dead, they had to die. If I failed, I would die. Just as I was about to squeeze the trigger, someone stepped in front of the rifle so that all I could see was black.

Shit! Slowly, I looked up to stare into angry, blue eyes before a fist came down, cracking me across the face, breaking my nose. I fought to stay conscious, but one more punch did me in.

When I finally woke, the room around me was pitch black. I tried moving in panic. At first, I thought I had gone blind. As I attempted to stand, I found that both my hands and feet were bound. At least, I hadn’t been gagged. More than likely, they wanted information from me.

“She’s awake!” someone yelled.

How could they possibly know that? It was so dark. Someone helped me sit up. As their hands worked around my head, I realized I had been blindfolded. The moment the cloth was removed, I sat there blinking at the blinding light directed right at me. There was a shadow just on the other side of the light.

“You have some answers that we need.” I cocked my head at the sound of the voice. It sounded so familiar. “I suggest for your sake that you answer them.”

“Anthony?” I called out, very confused as to why I would be hearing his voice. The sudden, heavy sigh only confirmed what I had feared. “Why are you doing this?”

“Shut up unless I ask you a question.”

It was the harshest I had ever heard him be. As such, I flinched. “You know that the light technique won’t work on me,” I said calmly. “During training, they could never break me that way.”

Silence passed before I heard his voice again. This time it was calmly angry, sending a chill down my spine. “You’re right. Thanks for reminding me.”

I let out a scream as the chair I was sitting in suddenly tipped over. As I lay on that cold, stone floor, felt that my bonds had become loose. It took every ounce of strength from me not to grin. They couldn’t know, not if I wanted to escape. However, my curiosity kept me there. I needed to know what Anthony wanted and why he would kidnap me. I didn’t like him, of course, but I never thought he was capable of this.

Anthony leaned down close to my face. His breath was hot against my cheek. As his hand ran the length of my body, I shuddered. How had I ever enjoyed his touch? “You will tell me why they sent you to Osaka, Japan.”

I furrowed my brow. “Why would that even interest you? It was a routine surveillance.”

“Of who?”

I shrugged, despite knowing what it would earn me. He jabbed his thumb up under one of my ribs, making me squeal from the pain. He waited for a few moments while I caught my breath, hoping I would give an answer. When he didn’t receive one, he did it again, only harder, making tears spring instantly to my eyes. My breath came out in gasps.

“This could end,” he said. “All you have to do is answer that simple question.”

“Fuck you,” I growled through the pain.

Although I couldn’t really see him as my head was pressed against the concrete floor, I could feel him shake his head at me. For several moments, he merely knelt there, studying me, no doubt wondering what else he could put me through. During my training, it had always been difficult to break me. I wasn’t certain why he thought he could. Something told me that I wasn’t seeing the entire picture. He had something over me that he hadn’t yet lorded over me. My heart started to beat faster in anticipation.

“Bring her in.”

I tried calming my breathing, but from the snort I heard from Anthony, I knew he already knew how frightened I was. He sat me up and took the light off of me and shined it toward the door. Instead of my parents that I thought I would see, it was my niece. The cry in my throat stopped short at seeing her. She was only seven years old. Tears were streaming down her face. Clarice kept looking between her captors and me.

“Aunt Heather!” she cried, trying to run toward me, but the men wouldn’t let her.

“Now that I have your complete attention,” Anthony said in a snide voice, “maybe I can actually get some answers out of you.”

I nodded. At this point, I knew that I was dead. I was just hoping that he wasn’t a cold enough murderer to murder a child. I met his blue eyes. “I’ll tell you what you need to know. I already know that I’m dead, but you don’t have to kill her.”

“Then answer my questions.”

I paused, knowing I was going to give up some important information. There wasn’t any other choice. “His name is Akio Kagome. He is a friend to the emperor.”

Anthony shook his head. “What does that have to do with anything? What did you learn?”

I sighed heavily, wishing he would have just accepted the name. In my silence, one of the men grabbed Clarice by the arm tightly making her cry out. “Stop! Please, stop.”

Anthony thumped me. “Then answer my questions when they are asked.”

“Since I’m dead anyway, humor me for a moment. Why does whoever you work for want to know?”

“That isn’t for you. You have no leverage here,” he said harshly.

“I learned that he isn’t a good man,” I whispered, looking toward Clarice, wondering if I acted now, if I could get both of us out of this alive.


I closed my eyes for a moment. “He’s been selling information about the Japanese government’s dealing with the United States to interested parties. I was never able to find any information on those parties.” I watched in horror as Anthony tilted his head to the side. One of the men grabbed a knife and started to turn it toward my niece. “I swear to you I know nothing else! It was a dead end!” I cried as tears slid down my cheeks. “Please!” The knife’s tip touched her skin, nicking it and making Clarice cry. “For the love of God, I know nothing!”

The moment I was looking for to escape with my knife, happened just as Anthony turned to call off the men hurting my niece. She stomped on one of their feet and elbowed the other in the groin. As the two men were caught by surprise, I moved swiftly. My hands were free. I grabbed the knife from Anthony’s belt that I had noticed earlier and cut through the bonds of my feet. Before he had time to act, I plunged the knife into his shoulder, grabbed my niece and started for the door.

Anthony was fast moving, however, and grabbed my ankle, pulling me toward him. “Run!” I yelled, hoping she would listen. As he pulled me toward him, I knew I didn’t have any weapons. They had stripped them from me as I lay unconscious. I kicked suddenly, smashing the bottom of my free foot against his perfect face. He cried out. When he didn’t release my other foot, I did it again and again, until I felt him release it. I quickly got to my feet, noting with extreme satisfaction that Anthony was unconscious.

However, the other two men were coming toward me. I spun away from one of their attacks and ducked under the other, coming up, I landed a solid blow to the man’s stomach, feeling how toned he was. It had its desired effect, however, as it doubled him over, making him gasp for air. Turning from him, I reached out and grabbed the dagger in his belt and turned toward the other man who was a few inches shorter than me. I was hoping he wasn’t as fast.

He came at me. I had a difficult time blocking him. My ribs were still killing me. When I heard the sobbing of Clarice it drove me harder. He swung at me, thinking my niece had distracted me. I ducked to the side, stabbed out with a straightened hand and punched his throat. He instinctively grabbed at it, leaving me the opportunity to incapacitate him with a hard kick to the head.

I turned and ran toward my niece, scooping her into my arms. She cried as I ran through the building looking for an exit, praying there weren’t any other guards. I hoped that Anthony’s arrogance would have led him to think he could best me with three men. As I saw the exit, I had to keep a cry of joy from escaping. I stopped just beside the door and peered out. It seemed clear. I quickly set Clarice on the ground and met her beautiful green eyes.

“Okay, this is how it’s going to work. I need you to remain by my side. No wandering away.” She nodded. Her eyes were wide with fear.

I pushed through the doors and ran across the parking lot, making sure that Clarice was still behind me. When I located a few cars, I chose a simple black sedan. As I slammed the car door behind us, I breathed out a sigh of relief. I had made it. Clarice was still alive.

“Stay down. Out of sight,” I whispered as I leaned down to hotwire the car.

It took longer than it should have. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking. When the car finally turned over, I sat up and let out a scream. Anthony was right beside the door. He tapped on the window as if he were just trying to get my attention. As I dropped the column shifter into drive, his elbow came crashing through the glass. Clarice shrieked. I covered my face, but had the presence of mind enough to step on the gas pedal. The car bolted forward. I sat upright and kept going. Anthony chased me on foot. Suddenly, I slammed on the break, popped it into reverse, and slammed on the gas pedal.

Anthony realized my intentions too late. The back end of the car hit him, sending him flying up and backwards. I watched him land on the concrete. His head thumped against the pavement. I waited several more moments for him to get up again, but he didn’t. If Clarice hadn’t been in the backseat of the car, I would have gotten out and made certain he didn’t follow me, but it was already traumatizing enough for her to see me run someone over. I wasn’t about to make certain someone was dead right in front of her.

“I need to find a phone,” I said.

“What for?”

I couldn’t help but smile. It was a typical question for her. At least she hadn’t been so disturbed by all of this that she could no longer talk. “I need to report what happened to my bosses.”

“Which I am guessing is not Pizza Hut.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Partly because I had forgotten that I told her I worked at Pizza Hut and partly because of how sarcastic it had sounded. I reached behind me and felt her grab my hand. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

Clarice smiled widely. “All the time.”


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