Finishing a Trilogy

I wrote a blog last year about what it’s like to be writing a sequel. At the time it was very new and exciting for us because it was the first time we’d ever written a sequel together. When it was finished and published and we started receiving feedback, we were very satisfied with what we had put out there. Making a good sequel is not an easy task, but everyone who’s read The Curse agrees that we did a good job.

Now comes the hard part. Book Three is a whole new challenge in and of itself. Not only is it another book in a series, something we have not done collaboratively until now, but it will also be the first time we have written the end of a series together.

That one word is what keeps us guessing as to where the story is going: end. For me, as I write the rough draft of Book Three, the reality of it hit me when I was almost one hundred pages into it. This was the end. Everything that had happened in the first two books had led to this. Although we tried really hard to make sure that each book was it’s own story, we still had to find a way to tie in the third and final book.

So far, what we’ve come up with has been very fun to write. But that word still gets to me. End. Conclusion. Final. There is something very terminal about those words. This is a world that my wife and I created and have spent the last 6 years working on and now we are writing the very last adventure to take place in that world. We have toyed with the idea of writing two other trilogies set in the same world, yet completely separate from the one we are writing right now. But that will be way into the future, if it happens at all. So when we finish this book, that could be it, we could be done with this world.

Writing a third book brings with it the same challenges as writing the second. We want it to continue the over-arcing story, but at the same time make sure it is its own story and not a rehash. We want to introduce new characters, show some age on the old characters and throw some new situations at all of them.

As of the moment I’m writing this we are 115 pages into Book Three. It has already diverted from its original path three times, but the detours were definitely for the better. The end is so far in the distance that we can’t yet see it. But our muse has been giving us vague hints as to what the end will be. All we have to do is get there and not focus too much the fact that is it the end.


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