Paper and pen versus A Computer Document

So, here it is. My husband and I are torn between this way of writing. Whereas I love to write with paper and pen, feeling more connected with the story, my husband enjoys his laptop far more.

I have stopped writing with pen and paper a few years ago, and now I primarily work on my laptop. It took forever for me to feel comfortable enough with expressing my thoughts to a white, glowing screen that to me seemed overeager to be filled up with words. It just felt so impersonal. However, if there is a scene I am struggling with, out comes the paper and pen. It helps me feel more connected to my work than sitting here typing everything out. I love the sound the pen makes scratching across the paper. One of the things that helped me convert over was using colored text as when I wrote I love using colored ink. There is just something about color that energizes me into being able to write better and more efficiently. There is an added benefit for typing your story out versus writing it, my wrist and hand no longer aches as badly, which was the primary reason why I switched over, despite my continued struggles with it of feeling disconnected from my story at times.

On the other hand, my husband had no problem giving up pen and paper and making the switch. Paper and pen for him seems to be tedious, maybe even torturous. He sits there and taps his pen on the paper, trying to think of something to write, which consequently annoys me thoroughly. However, if he opens up his laptop he has a much easier time. Why is this? He says it helps him feel as if he is skipping a step, furthering himself to the finished product. I do agree with him on this part because if you do write with pen and paper, you do have the tedious work of inputting it into a document. However, I always consider this draft 2 for me when I was writing with paper and pen, so that there is a more finished version of your book waiting for you to pick back up in a few days after taking a much deserved break.

The method of pen and paper or typing it into a document is just all in the way the writer views things, and is more comfortable in doing. No writer or author is the same.

I am highly curious as to how others feel about this topic. Do you prefer to write with paper and pen or do you prefer to type in some kind of word document?


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