Writing as a Team

For my husband and I, writing as a team isn’t all that difficult. Of course, there are squabbles about certain scenes, but we generally work them out within a half hour, each of us expressing our views and finding a way to make them both work. Sometimes it is a struggle, but one we gladly take. Working together on a novel is one of the best things we could have ever done. We love working with one another, sharing our ideas with each other.

For us, when we write together it is another way for us to connect. I have read a lot of blogs or author interviews out there where an author usually takes the sacrifice of writing to make a deadline instead of spending that time with their spouse. The way we do it, makes it so there is no sacrifice. It is absolutely wonderful. However, we will admit that writing together does pose its challenges. One will see a scene play out one way and the other will see it play out another. As mentioned before, however, if it is important enough to one of us, we always find a way to somehow combine them and the scene that comes of it, is generally better than the ones on their own.

We wish that every author could have this experience, but as many have told us, we are fortunate to have each other and to share the same passion. It is one that we will never take for granted. Despite some of the difficulties writing together brings, it is a task that we will always be willing to work together on. We feel that our writing is strengthened when we do it together instead of separately.


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