Writing with Distractions

So, a little over three months ago, my husband and I welcomed my sister and our two nieces into our home for a number of reasons. Over these last three months, it has been interesting trying to write. You see, we don’t have children of our own. It’s not that we don’t want children, it’s just that we haven’t been able to have children. With our two nieces, we have discovered that writing while they are playing is nearly impossible, because we aren’t the type of people who will tell them no when they ask us to play. So, long story short, we get very little written during the day now, but now, we try to write a whole bunch at night after they’ve gone to bed, which sometimes, makes us pretty tired because we’ll stay up really late, despite having to go to work early just because we’re in a part we don’t want to set down.

When I do manage to write when they are playing, I know it takes me twice as long to write even a sentence, or sometimes I find myself typing out what they were just talking about. When I realize that I did that, I can’t help but laugh and smile at the two girls. It’s amazing. When they first moved in, I thought I would be highly irritated not being able to write when I wanted to write, but I learned how to adapt and write with the distractions.

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