Character Profile: Talack Maro

Hey everyone, it’s that time again. Today’s Character Profile is for the infamous Talack Maro.


Talack was a native of Heartfield. His father was a merchant and was not often home. His mother worked at one of the taverns as a serving girl. His father was the type of man who blamed all his failings upon his family. He often told Talack’s mother that she had gotten pregnant just to get him to marry her. The man also blamed Talack when the boy was old enough to understand such things. It seemed as though it was always Talack’s fault that his father had to travel all the time to make money for them.

When Talack was almost 16 his father came back in the middle of the night from one of his many business trips. The man was agitated by something and yelled at them from the moment he stepped into the house. He went so far as to backhand Talack’s mother. When the boy tried to intervene and protect his mother, he received a nasty beating himself. Talack doesn’t remember much from that night other than pain.

The next morning was also difficult for him to remember. The head ache his father gave him would last for a week. But that morning some of the city guards came to their house to tell Talack and his mother that his father had been killed in the early hours of the morning. Apparently he had been in a foul mood that night because he’d been running for his life from some unsavory characters. The men had found him and killed him in an alley.

Growing up with the man his father was, Talack thought everyone was afraid of his father. He thought his father was the strongest person out there and that was why he and his mother feared him. The thought that there were people out there who were stronger than his father and were able to kill him was not something that had ever occurred to Talack. This new information shook the boy to his core.

Whoever had killed Talack’s father had also taken his business and all the money that went with it. Talack’s mother had to go to work at one of the brothels to make enough money to support them. Talack tried apprenticing at several different professions around the city, but his timid nature always held him back. This lasted for a year.

Around the time that Talack decided to try a peaceful life among the priests at the Church, his world was turned on its head again. His mother usually worked late into the evening, so when she didn’t come home in time to eat supper with him it wasn’t a surprise. When she still wasn’t there in the morning, the boy began to worry. He went to the brothel to check and make sure she was okay. The brothel owner told him that his mother hadn’t shown up for work the day before.

The city guard went through the motions of looking for her, but it was a big city and she was a prostitute. Since Talack would be turning 17 in a few months he was old enough that he didn’t have to be given to the church to be cared for. Talack decided that he would go to the Church anyway. The peaceful life of a priest still appealed to him.

Once in the Church, his life was mostly uneventful. He never strove to excel at anything. Talack did what he was told and never tried to be something he was not. One untapped talent he discovered was his ability to remember conversations and recite them word-for-word. One of the Elder Priests, named Constin, found this to be a useful skill and enlisted Talack to go everywhere with him. After a few years of constant companionship, the two became good friends, almost brothers. For Talack it felt good to be needed and to know that other people cared for him. He enjoyed his time in the Church.


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