Character Profile: Constin Sal Tamind

Hey everyone! Still working toward he release of Book Two: The Curse, here is another character profile for Full Moon Rising.

Constin Sal Tamind knew the dangers of the Hunting Grounds well. He grew up in a small village named Anorme that sat along the eastern shore of Lake Hook. He learned how to fish, learned how to take care of animals and learned what fear truly was. When he was 10, Constin and his family were forced to flee their home when werewolves attacked. Constin learned about loss for the first time, knowing that he would not see any of his childhood friends again. His family was one of four that escaped and headed east, hoping to find someplace safe.

Constin’s family ended up in Heartfield, a larger yet peaceful city. During his adolescence, Constin tried several apprenticeships without finding anything that interested him. It wasn’t until both his parents were killed by the same sickness that he found purpose. Orphaned at the age of 15, Constin was given to the Church in Heartfield to be taken care of. There, he discovered a love of religion and the calling to spread God’s teachings.

Looking back, Constin would realize later in life that his sudden and zealous devotion to the church was a way for him to bury the anguish of losing his only family. It was most likely also the reason he never let anyone get too close to him. But, he doesn’t regret anything. He spent his time seeking converts, preaching to the congregation on a somewhat regular basis and teaching the other priests. This was a good and comfortable life for him.

When Constin was 25 his life changed in a dramatic fashion again. While walking back to the church late one evening he happened across a woman being mugged. This particular mugger was quite bold and ignored the woman’s pleas for mercy. She told the mugger several times that she didn’t have any money. When the mugger tore open the bundle the woman was carrying all he found was her newborn child, sound asleep. The woman became frantic, thinking her child was in danger. As Constin rushed to help, the woman tore her baby away from the mugger. The sudden action startled the man and he stabbed her twice. The woman fell back, still clutching her child tightly to her chest.

Hearing Constin coming, the mugger took off. The priest would have chased the man if he had not heard the cries of the baby. He yelled for help as he watched the light fade from the woman’s eyes.

Constin brought the child to the church, where most of the orphans ended up. There was something about the child, however, that seemed to pull at Constin. After a few days he decided to adopt the girl. His duties interfered somewhat with caring for her and he had no idea how to actually care for an infant, so he enlisted the help of one of the women who helped the church care for the orphans. Being a father, Constin realized that the times he had lost his loved ones in the past had made him very protective of his daughter. He hated needing to leave her in the care of another, but doing so helped him to trust Vilight, the woman who helped care for Olesa.

A full year passed before he was summoned by Amrioy, the Seer. The aged man had a vague prophesy about Constin’s adopted daughter being very important for the future of the world. It would be another six years before the second prophesy about Olesa would be revealed.


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