Character Profile : Dalandit Olik

We decided to do something different for the next few weeks. The next dozen posts or so will be character blogs about people in our novel Full Moon Rising. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. This will be more like background info to help you better understand the characters and their motivations.


Dalandit Olik is an elf. He enjoys the tribal and nomadic life they have, mostly because that is all he’s ever known. He has a brother named Rewl. Like most other elves Dalandit has seen what humans have done to the world and hates them for it. Because of their longer lives the elves can still remember when they ruled the world, before they were defeated and driven out of their cities by the ambitious humans. Dalandit believes that humans are everything that is wrong with the world and despises them.

His hatred really came into being when an attack on a small human settlement led to the death of his mother, Astrol. His hatred fueled the weapons training that he forced himself into: he wasn’t going to let another of his kin die at the hands of a human. Dalandit became so proficient with the sword he carried that he began to look for reasons to use it. Sometimes, when he was supposed to be guarding the elven camp and they had stopped near an area populated by humans, he would sneak away to go hunting. Dalandit would stalk the city or camp, whatever it was that they were near, to try and identify the most skilled fighter among the humans. Many times he would return to the camp, disappointed and frustrated because he couldn’t find anyone worthy enough to test his skills against.

Fighting was really all Dalandit knew. He never helped the elves with gathering food or wood or other supplies. He never tended the animals or taught the younger elves. He only cared about being the best swordmaster among the elves so that he could kill any human he came across. After years of not being able to find anyone worthy of his skills, Dalandit began killing any human, whether or not they knew how to use a weapon.

His utter hatred of humans and skill with a blade made many of the other elves in the camp idolize him. Dalandit thought of himself as the epitome of what it meant to be an elf and so did many others. Secretly he thought that he could be a better leader of the elves and that maybe he could lead them to regain the glory they once held. All he ever knew was the nomadic life, but he hungered for something more. And mostly he wanted to make the humans pay for everything they had done to the elves.

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