Writer’s Block and Road Blocks

From what I’ve read writers deal with writer’s block in different ways. Some go running or jogging. Some set down their work and pick up something else and then come back to it later. Some power through it, knowing that they can fix it later if they need to. The list can go on for ever, as there are an infinite number of things people can use to motivate themselves or to find their muse.

My wife is one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get writer’s block. Because of this she writes significantly more than I do. I, on the other hand, have been known to suffer from writer’s block quite frequently. The best thing I’ve found for myself is to just give it time. I spend most of my time while blocked thinking about how to unblock. Most often, after I give myself a few days to think about the spot in the story that I’m stuck on, I’ll come up with something and push ahead.

The main thing to remember is to not get discouraged. I had this happen to me once. I’d been working on a Sci-Fi/SuperHero type story for about a year. I came to a point and got stuck. After giving the time I usually did, I became discouraged because I couldn’t unblock. I began to think that the story was crap and that was the reason I was having trouble with it. Long story short, I still haven’t done anything with that story and it’s been almost ten years since I put it down.

I have to remind myself not to become discouraged now as well, but not about writer’s block. I’ve found myself stuck on Book Two a few times, but never for more than one day. What I try to not get discouraged about is the Book Bloggers who don’t have any way to contact on their blog. I’m trying to reach out to these people to help market Full Moon Rising. But today, I visited 18 Blogs by people who do book reviews, but most of them didn’t have any contact info and the others only wanted romance novels, which Full Moon Rising is not.

But, I just have to remind myself that we all have to pay our dues. Everything worth doing takes time and effort and as long as we don’t give up, we will succeed. Not finding anyone to review the book will not be an insurmountable road block.


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