An odd reason to take a tour…

So, we decided, somewhat spur of the moment, to take a trip over Thanksgiving weekend. In contrast to what a good number of my co-workers think, we took a trip to Seattle. Friday morning we got up, had breakfast at a cute little diner at 6:30 in the morning and began trying to find our way out of the city so we could head to the coast. Jess had never seen the ocean before and one of my reasons for going on this trip was so she could.

Now, because we live in a small city compared to a good number of the bigger ones, Casper has a population of somewhere around 60,000, we were a bit overwhelmed. I decided to be cautious and use the freeways as little as possible. Turns out that not using the freeways is a very good way to get lost. In our attempt to find our way out of the little suburb we had eaten breakfast in, we encountered a new problem: breakfast was not sitting well for me.

Now, we needed to find a bathroom before we continued our way out of the city. First stop was a small convenience store on a street corner, across the street from a Harbor Freight. No bathroom there. We hop back into the rented Mustang and continue to search. Two more gas stations, a Chevron and an Arco, also did not have a public restroom. But we were able to buy some water and snacks for the trip, whenever we were able to get back to that.

We decide to just follow the directions out of the city and hit anything on the way that looks like it might have a bathroom. Coming to a familiar looking intersection, we arrive back at our first stop and take a chance on the Harbor Freight. No luck there either.

A little more than an hour goes by. In the end, we stopped at 5 gas stations, 2 hardware stores, 2 pharmacies and a grocery store. The grocery store was where my search ended.

It took another hour for us to give up on the ‘no freeway’ policy and finally make it out of the city, but we were able to make it out to the ocean and all in all, it was a very good day. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful this time of year, if a bit cold. And we came to a decision; if one of us ever has stomach trouble on a trip, we will just head back to the hotel where we know there is a bathroom. Because of the delay we ended up driving back in the dark. Not a fun thing to do on an unfamiliar and very busy five lane freeway.



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