Not quite a dungeon.

This weeks session took the intrepid adventurers into the heart of a corrupted city as a malignant cloud of arcane energy swirled over the castle in the center of the palace. The heroes walked the streets toward the castle, finding the guards of the city, an army of constructs, to be frozen, seemingly without instruction for the time being. One of the heroes tried shooting one of the constructs with an arrow to no avail. Another tried to converse with one, with even less success.

Once inside the castle our heroes found a disturbing sight. A group of ten wizards were hiding behind a translucent, yet impenetrable wall of pure energy, in the middle of a ritual to summon some kind of evil being. Between our heroes and that wall were three unsavory looking individuals, a powerful sorcerer and an ugly woman in plate armor. The heroes tried to converse with the sorcerer, thinking he could explain what was going on. But the sorcerer was not interested in talking. He pulled the cover off of a cage that sat next to him to reveal the small child he held as a hostage and a bargaining chip.

“Do nothing to impede me, or the child dies,” the sorcerer told them. The well armored woman pleaded with them to do nothing, for the child was her son.

Goaded into battle by the three unsavory looking people, an evil ranger, an ex-paladin and a crazed barbarian, our heroes were forced to fight, hoping they could save the child’s life. The ex-paladin was so focused on destroy our female paladin that he underestimated the power of the monk, who is beginning to feel quite protective of the paladin. In a rare burst of luck, the monk tore the ex-paladin’s head from his shoulders with his bare hands.

Showing his cowardice, the evil sorcerer stayed in the battle long enough to ensure the wizards could complete the summons and then fled, using the child as a distraction. The sorcerer had given the child a very powerful fireball wand that was punishing to our heroes the couple of times it was used. During the battle, it was discovered that the child was just an illusion, the sorcerer still held the real boy as a hostage.

With the summon complete, the wizards were horrified to find they had been mislead about the creature they had summoned and being trapped by the invisible wall, were quickly destroyed by the creature they sought to control. The summoned creature was a titan of immense power and our heroes left him to rule over the city after discovering that he was a mighty champion of good.

The armored woman accepted our heroes offer to join the group so they could search for her son and hopefully exact some revenge upon the evil sorcerer who took the boy and tried to kill our heroes. This had been a close encounter for them and the sorcerer’s powerful magic had left some of their heavily enchanted items to become less than useless. Now they just have to figure out where he disappeared to…

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