Having fun at the in-laws.

It took four hours, but the dynamic group that contained 2 dwarves, 2 elves, 2 humans and a planetouched was able to make it to their destination, a city ruled by something quite evil. Unfortunately, the first contact they had with anyone was the greedy dockmaster who demanded they pay him 300 gold to dock. The group talked it over and even though they had more than enough money to pay him, they felt 300 was quite steep since they were only in a small life boat type thing, being that the docks were too crowded for their ship. When asked what he would do if they didn’t pay, the dockmaster laughed and told them his large half-orc guard would give them all a sound beating and toss them back into the ocean.

The group decided to take that chance and fought to half-orc. Turns out, the half-orc was actually a Mind Flayer that was controlling the dockmaster. Several of them almost died, but the hardy adventurers finally defeated the hideous Mind Flayer, freed the dockmaster of its control and were allowed to dock their ship for free.

What interesting things await the group next time? Only the Game Master knows and he’s been called pure evil many times…

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