The Ordinaries Series

For the last week and a half, I’ve been working on the 1st rewrite of book 8 (the last book) in the Ordinaries series. I’ve taken out a few scenes that I’ve deemed “dumb” and added a few other ones which make the story feel more complete. I am 3/4’s of the way through this one and have a few more things to add. I’m sure I’ll find a few more scenes to take out, too. That’s the way of first drafts. Not everything you wrote stays.
I still have no titles for any of the books. I figured I could work on the titles after I am satisfied with the story. Or, who knows? One of the books might get a title in the near future if something comes to me before then. All I know is this series has been fun to work on and I can’t wait until it is polished enough to share with some lucky beta readers. That’s still a ways down the road though as I’ve come up with a few more ideas to add into the series.
One thing that I have noticed as I’ve been working on the rewrites of the books is that there are areas in this world that I need to develop a little bit more. So, when I finish the rewrite of this final book, I’ll be going back through my world and polishing things up, adding more detail, and making it feel more real. Overall, I am very pleased with the direction this story has taken me but I still have some work ahead of. And now, I must get back to it!
I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!!

Writing is a Long but Rewarding Process

For the last few weeks, both of us have been fighting a chest cold but that’s only slowed us down a little on our writing. Book 2 in the Magna Luctus series is finished and book 3 has been started! We’re also on the first rewrite of book 7 of the Ordinaries series. Once all the rewrites are done, only books 7 and 8 to go, book 1 will be rewritten again. I came up with several good ideas for it, a few ways to flush out some scenes I feel were shortchanged, and hopefully it’ll become a smoother read. The Magna Luctus series will be rewritten once the entire series is finished as well. It’s one of the things we learned when writing The Trilogy of the Wolf and the Hartland series. Once it’s published, that’s the story you have to stick with, even if you think of a better way to tell it or a different version to tell along the way.
The Ordinaries have gone through a few different versions before settling on the current one where it progressed into 8 books. It started out in 3rd person but was redone into 1st person. After the change was made, it was easier to finish the first book and move onto the rest. This book series is the first time either of us have written in 1st person, at least for so long. We have tried other stories in this perspective but have never made it very far. It just wasn’t meant to be.
Writing is a long process. The first draft is only the beginning. Some stories don’t even make it past the 1st draft and return to story idea folder to be worked on at another time. After the first draft, so many other drafts follow it and then the real editing starts to happen. At least, that’s the way it works for us. It’s a good thing we find writing to be fun and relaxing, in ways. Otherwise, I don’t think it would be worth all the time devoted to it. I can’t imagine a writer out there who feels differently. Sometimes I feel that writing is more for the author than the reader.

A Brief Update

As you may already know from reading some of our other posts, we recently moved back to Casper, WY. We’ve been here for a little less than two months now and I’ve been sick with a chest/head cold for a little over a month now. Good news though is that the pain I was experiencing in the humidity of the East Coast is gone. Bad news, the coughing has caused some other issues to arise. Hence, the not posting any new posts for quite a while. I’m not certain how long this cold will hang on. As it’s a virus, the doctor says that I just have to basically endure it with medication, of course. Hopefully, I don’t have much longer. All I know is that writing has taken a major hit because of it. I have made some progress and I will continue to. However, I probably won’t be posting much here, not while my brain is in this continuous fog. I am also worried about some of what I’ve written. I’m sure when I go back to edit, I’ll be looking at some scenes going “What the heck was I thinking?”

Until then, I wish all of you good fortune in your projects and to stay healthy!!!!

Writing Update- It’s Been Awhile…

We haven’t posted anything in a long time. It’s not that we’ve forgotten about any of you or about writing. In fact, a big part of the reason for our absence is because of writing. Both of us have developed an incredible story that we’ve been working on. For my husband, it’s his second book in the Magna Luctus series. Yes, yes, I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about progress on this novel. Sometimes, even as much as we love to write, we need to take a step back from it. The last few years have been a little rough but we hope we’re past that. It feels like we’re past, especially since he’s writing again. For me, I delve further into my stories during the rough times. It was why I was able to write 8 books in about 3 and a half months. That’s the Ordinaries series which is going through it’s first rewrite. There will probably be more as well until I’m completely satisfied with the story.

The point is during rough and good times, we write. We do it because we love to write. Even when it’s difficult to write, we write. Sometimes it happens to only be a sentence at a time. Other times, we both hammer out several pages. Even when we’re not making progress on a story, new story ideas come to us. We have so many ideas that we’ll probably never be able to write them all in our lifetime. For us, that’s a scary thought!

Right now, I’m drinking a weird Moroccan Tea that is spearmint, lemongrass, and peppermint. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately as I’ve developed a head/chest cold. It hasn’t stopped me from writing though! It has made making my daily word counts a little more difficult, especially when I decide to take a nap instead. I am also listening to a mixture of music, ranging from heavy metal to county to classical. Yes my music bounces all over the place. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s part of the process for me.

Well, it is time to get back to the rewrite of book 6 in the Ordinaries series. My husband is sitting next to me working on book 2 in the series where he’s the lead writer making me look bad!

I hope everyone enjoys the latter half of the week.

New Isn’t Always Better

If there is one thing that we learned when we moved to the east coast from Casper, Wyoming is that new isn’t always better. Sometimes new can be worse, in ways one never expected. We’re not saying new isn’t a good thing. It is. It’s good to go out and experience things you have never experienced before. Without doing that, there isn’t room for improvement. There isn’t a way to know what you really like and what you don’t.

When we moved, we never expected the humidity to bother my joints the way it did. Humidity isn’t a good fit for me. There were things I liked about the moist climate. My skin no longer cracked and bled if I went too long without lotion. The curls in my hair were actual curls without using conditioner. I also enjoyed the greenery, something that only happens in the spring here in Wyoming.

However, I missed Wyoming with all my heart. This place had never stopped being home, no matter how many good things I found in the areas we lived in, and we found  many good things, even though it was a struggle to live over there. It was a struggle to move most days. Before we left Wyoming, I was walking about 3 miles a day, and this was less than a year after my spinal fusion. Less than 3 months after we moved, I couldn’t even walk a half mile. That’s how bad it affected me. We spent 2 years on the east coast before deciding to call it quits and come back to Casper, Wyoming. We’ve been “home” for a few days now. I started feeling the pain in my back and other joints start to disappear about halfway through Kansas.

Although we learned many new and wonderful things when we moved, I think one of the most important lessons was that the humidity doesn’t agree with me. If I go anywhere humid, I’ll probably only stay for about a week to explore it and then I’ll come back home to my big, beautiful mountains and rolling hills. The second lesson that could be more important is this:

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Writing is Part of Who I Am

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I shared this a few years ago on our Facebook page. Nothing has changed. I still want to write every day and find myself annoyed when I don’t write anything on any given day. I have so many stories I want to write and there are always more coming to me. I’m certain it will probably be a never ending process for me but I am more than okay about that. I have been writing since at least the second grade. That was quite a few years ago. Writing is very much a part of me and will always be.